Less is more

Less is more

I began this series of half face portraits back in 2010, with my own dog WolfCub, a Belgian Shepherd.  Entitled Mr Wolf (Cub), the first image you see, on a bold red background, with his ‘wolfish’ smile, immediately creates associations with the folk tale ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. Emotional responses to this image from viewers have ranged from humorous, and powerful, to a feeling of threat. The half face portrait is immediately interesting because of it’s focus on the eye, by what is revealed and concealed. It creates a different mood. In a way, less is more – the gaze more direct, confronting. What were these animals feeling? What are the stories behind their expressions? What of our own contexts do we project on to them? Image number 7 shows a beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback X, shortly before her death. Of course sharing that information changes how we look at her. With their direct eye contact, the dogs and cats portrayed here show a range of moods and expressions. And in gazing so intently back at the viewer, it seems a question about the nature of the relationship between human and animal is also being asked of us.


Elle the Belgian Shepherd


Bull Arab X


Charlie the Standard Poodle


Kenny the British Shorthair

Henry the Cocker Spaniel

WolfCub with pink tongue

Bella the Aussie Shepherd

Mastiff dog

Guido the Australian Cattle Dog


Archie the Italian Greyhound