Express yourself

It has always amused and amazed me to see how many expressions cross our dogs faces in the blink of an eye or that which is expressed via their bodies. Too quick actually for us to perceive most of the time, but thanks to the camera, we can freeze these moments. Many times after a shoot, as I am downloading the images to my computer, I burst into laughter as the looks on WolfCub’s face are revealed to me. These expressions can range from the obvious happiness he is feeling in a particular moment to the downright deranged or demented! Dogs certainly don’t do things by halves – I love how they fully commit themselves bodily to the task at hand. They do not care about making fools of themselves, in fact, they seem to revel in it – I am sure this is one reason why we love them so much. The sheer exuberance and energy they display  through facial or body language lifts our spirits and I believe, takes us back to a time of innocent childhood play – something we tend to lose touch with in later life, but through our companionship and play with dogs, we are given an opportunity to explore that feeling once again. Please let me know, which is your favourite image?

Dog in water with ball in mouth

WolfCub jumping at the beach

Dog shaking off water

Dog dressed as Little Red Riding Hood

Dog playing tug of war

Dog happily running with front paws raised

Dog with ball in mouth

Dog with funny expression on face

Dog with mouth open to catch ball

Funny expression on dog's face

Singing dog

Dog running joyfully

Tail shot of dog splashing in water


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wolf shadow photography is Kirsten Bowers, a Melbourne based fine art photographer, specialising in animals.  While Kirsten is not a traditional pet photographer, she does accept private commissions.  Get in touch if you like her style!