Express Yourself (3)

Express yourself (3)

Hello wolf shadow friends. Here is part 3 of my series that focuses on facial and bodily expressions of dogs and cats at play or in everyday life. The action shots you see of WolfCub are all from the archive. He is past performing these kind of antics, even if he were not recovering from injury. One of my favourites images is Archie the Italian Greyhound down at shot number 12. His smile just cracks me up! This was taken with my iPhone while we were out walking one day. Of course I gave him a treat straight afterwards. I do like the cat shots too – sometimes they are so inscrutable, but their body language is no less engaging than the dogs.If you missed the two previous posts you can find them here and here. I hope you enjoy these – share with me your favourite image will you?  

Dog leaping in the air

Staffie dog emerging from water with a stick

British Shorthair cat with an imposing stance

Dog chasing a ball at the beach

Flying dog with funny expression

Staffie dog with funny expression

Dogs at play

Belgian Shepherd with ferocious expression catching a ball

Dog with toy in mouth

Abyssinian cat with outstretched neck

Black cat sitting in front of window

Smiling Italian Greyhound

Belgian Shepherd shaking off water


Express Yourself (2)

Express yourself (2)

This is the second part of a trilogy of posts that focus on facial and bodily expressions of dogs and cats – I have included some of WolfCub’s friends this time. If you missed the first post you can find it here.  The images mainly focus on dogs and cats at play in everyday life. Do any of the images bring to mind the antics of your dogs or cats? Do you have a favourite image? Please share your thoughts with me.

Belgian Shepherd WolfCub dancing on hill top

Australian Shepherd running with funny expression

Face of dog in deep water at beach

Border Collie running flat out

Standard Poodle running with toy in mouth

Black dog with tongue poking out

Cattle dog barking

Two Italian Greyhounds running side by side

Spoodle running with legs in the air

Cat peeking out from red garage door

Portrait of a smiling Italian Greyhound

British shorthair cat playing on table

Abyssinian cat tilting head

Belgian Shepherd running at beach with reflection