Belgian Shepherd WolfCub-and-the-stars-

Into the mystic

I borrowed the title for this post from Van Morrison, you can play the song here. This series of images speaks to my connection with WolfCub...

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Ways of Seeing

Hello wolf shadow friends! I would like to share with you the images from my first solo exhibition as an artist, Ways of Seeing: Animal, Urban, Land...

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Express Yourself (3)

Hello wolf shadow friends. Here is part 3 of my series that focuses on facial and bodily expressions of dogs and cats at play or in everyday life...

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Express Yourself (2)

This is the second part of a trilogy of posts that focus on facial and bodily expressions of dogs and cats – I have included some of WolfCub’s friends ...

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Express yourself

It has always amused and amazed me to see how many expressions cross our dogs faces in the blink of an eye or that which is expressed via their bodies...

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Side by side

I have always been fascinated by profile shots of animals. Whether they be cats or dogs, or horses, this type of portrait photography has always captured my attention...

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Less is more

I began this series of half face portraits back in 2010, with my own dog WolfCub, a Belgian Shepherd. Entitled Mr Wolf (Cub), the first image you see...

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