wolf shadow photography is Kirsten Bowers: a photographer interested in capturing the spirit of her subjects, whether they be her dogs, WolfCub and Phoenix, or other animals and wildlife. While living in a large city, she is equally interested in natural and urban contexts, to convey a uniquely Australian perspective. Kirsten presents the vibrancy and energy of her subjects through both colour and black and white images. Her dog WolfCub, especially represents her desire to explore heroic, comic and dark themes.

The photographer Kirsten Bowers


Joining Kirsten in her photographic adventures and providing inspiration, are WolfCub and Phoenix Rising, both Belgian Shepherd Groenendaels. WolfCub is now 12.5, very much the senior dog, but still ready to engage in play or pose for the camera when invited. Phoenix is not yet 2, and learning the ropes -  becoming more comfortable with the camera as there are always tasty treats on offer or the promise of lightning fast activity, which he revels in!

Belgian Shepherds WolfCub and Phoenix


Kirsten combines her years of working as a photographer with skills as a rewards based dog trainer in her other business, Pet Pursuits.  Having a solid knowledge of dog, cat and horse behaviour allows her to quickly gain trust and to bring out the heart and soul of the animals she photographs. One glimpse of her portraits and action shots, shows her ability to capture the spirit and character of her subjects.



2015 Day of the Dog, Perfect Exposure Gallery, Los Angeles, California.  2014 Ways of Seeing: Animal Urban Land (Solo Show), Photonet Gallery, Melbourne.   2014 The Well-Spring, IWD, Photonet Gallery, Melbourne.  2013 Window on the World, IWD, Photonet Gallery, Melbourne.  2013 Call of the Wild, Domain House, Melbourne.  2013 AddOn Festival, Sydney.  2012 Bowness Photography Prize, Monash Gallery of Art, Melbourne.  2012 Washi, Photonet Gallery, Melbourne.  2011 Alison’s Daughters, IWD, New North Gallery, Melbourne.



2013  Winner Open Prize for Photography, Photonet Gallery, Melbourne. 2013 Two Honourable Mentions, PWP International Call for Entry. 2012 Bowness Photography Finalist, Monash Gallery of Art, Melbourne. 2011 Special Mention, New North Open Photography Prize, Melbourne. 2010 Highly Commended, New North Open Photography Prize, Melbourne.