2017 Belgian Sheepdog Calendars

Hello wolf shadow friends: explore my new 2017 Belgian Sheepdog calendars here, with a sample of images taken from all three.  One calendar features the Groenendael as well as another Belgian variety, the Tervuren. Tervurens come in a couple of different coat colours, the red/fawn, and my favourite, a grey colour too. Of course, there are numerous images of both WolfCub and Phoenix as well.

A special focus of these 2017 Belgian Sheepdog calendars is my artwork featuring WolfCub, where I explore the more inspirational and mystical nature of our relationship and our place in the world. The spiritual connection between us, between human and animal, and nature, is at the centre of my photography here. I hope these images convey to you, the special bond and joy that comes with sharing our lives with dogs, as well as other animals.

Of course my 2017 Belgian Sheepdog calendars would not be complete without one dedicated to both WolfCub and Phoenix. Having a multi-dog household certainly brings it own challenges, but as Phoenix approaches maturity, his own particular character begins to shine through more and more. From mischievous monkey to a sensible ‘young man’, he certainly keeps me on my toes!

While WolfCub is starting to slow down – he will be 13 next January – he is still keen to be front and centre with all things. I no longer ask him to do the things he once did, although he certainly thinks he is capable! Now when I see my beautiful boy running to me, smiling happily, I feel a mixture of overwhelming love, tinged with sadness with the knowledge of his advancing years – it is as life is meant to be, yet it brings a tear to my eyes for what is to come.

These 2017 Belgian Sheepdog calendars are available for purchase through Redbubble.

Don’t forget to select the ‘START MONTH’ as Jan. 2017. Thank you to all of you who support my photography and have already bought calendars!